May 20 – Vibrant Växjö

Sixteen travelers in Växjö Sweden saw a lot — a gallery talk with curator Lixuan An at Galleri Plan B; work by Richard Brocken (ethereal photography), Tommy Ingberg (surrealist photography), and Anders Knutsson (endangered trees); Växjö Cathedral; fields; and more. Earlier in the day a group visited Linnaeus University. It was an amazing, beautiful day. Thanks to Monica Sandberg, Växjö/Duluth Sister City host, for a wonderful dinner at Izakaya Moshi Sushi.

20-andersknutsson 20-brocken1 20-brocken2jpg 20-brocken3 20-domkyrke 20-doorhandle 20-gallery-group 20-gallery-planb 20-gallery-planb-lixion 20-plan-b-lixion 20-planb-2 20-swedenfield 20-Tommy_Ingberg 20-tommy-ingberg2 20-Tommy-Ingberg3may20 L Brewster


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