Lydia Brewster and the Larsson Swedish Style

Lydia - Carl LarssonIMG_3659

Carl and Karin Larsson are as Swedish as apple pie is American. They remain relevant as artists and designers draw from them for inspiration. Both from Stockholm, Carl and Karin met while living in Paris amongst other Scandinavian artists whom were studying art and trying to find success. When Carl switched from oil to watercolor, he found the medium with which he would create amazing and distinctive pieces. When they moved to Sundborn and started a large family, Karin’s artistic efforts shifted and focused on her home. Her colorful, airy, cozy, and sunlight interiors were unique, but embodied the ideal Swedish lifestyle. Her inspiration from Japan led to innovative combinations of color, pattern, and furniture that which make the home so lovely in the eyes of Sweden. Carl’s vivid yet endearing paintings of his home and family were much more casual in subject matter than had ever been seen before. What I love most about Carl & Karin is that they each had individual artistic qualities, but their marriage is what makes the combination of their home, family, and Carl’s talented painting truly fantastic. Together, the Larsson family started a new wave of style that is uniquely Swedish but with universal appeal.


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