Erin Gorski and “Novel Expression”

Acne, an acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expression started as a small creative firm that stumbled upon the fashion world and ended up making it big. In 1996 Jonny Johansson and his dream team of creatives developed the brand with every intention of being more than just a label. Rather quickly Acne became a family of several creative branches, advertising, design, commercial film production, online games, toys, web production and mobile phone apps. The brand deliberately shies away from traditional media outlets and is promoted mainly through their own Acne Paper, a bi-annual culture magazine. Acne, with their headquarters in Stockholm, manages a multifunctional company which synthesizes art and design, really expressing the idea of art for all. To me the company comes across as pure, sophisticated and cultured for that reason. Acne has a long history of collaborating with artists. Acnes most recent collection was inspired by the Swedish artist, Hilma af Klint and can be purchased at their clothing stores around the world.


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