Ava Heinrich and Sweden’s Crystal Kingdom


It’s amazing how much Kosta Boda and other glassworks have influenced the Swedish culture. Glass is a large facet of the art scene and is celebrated in cathedrals, the streets of Vaxjo, and in many Swedish homes. Bertil Vallien’s glass altarpiece is in the Vaxjo Cathedral, but his work can also be found in people’s homes, in such as Annika Olofsson’s, which we visited. Not only does he design one-of-a-kind fine decorative art, he also designs inexpensive pieces that everyone can afford. Bertil Vallien has been a designer for Kosta Boda for many years along with his wife, Ulric Hydman-Vallien. Kosta Boda has been making glass since 1742. Now they house designers from all over the world to design affordable glassworks for everyone to enjoy. Along with other colleagues, the Valliens create accessible art for all, carrying on the Kosta Boda tradition. I find significance in the way this art form has become a part of Swedish daily life. Finding beauty in everyday items and household décor remains an important and perpetuated Swedish tradition.


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